Features of Residential complexes

Features of Residential complexes

Features of Residential complexes

8 features for residential complexes

1- A single community

Many will love it, as life in the residential complex is characterized by being isolated and isolated; This provides privacy that is not usually available in homes and ordinary homes


2- Security and guarding

There is no constant guard in normal housing as it is available in the housing complex; So there will always be someone who is guarding the residents and their property, just as no person can enter the private residence except upon the permission of its owner


3- Calm and tranquility

One of the most common features found in residential complexes is the calm and tranquility; The number of residents is proportional to the number of existing units only, and there are no people present in the surrounding areas other than the residents.


4- Availability of services

Residential complexes are distinguished by the fact that residents do not need to leave in order to find anything; Everything is available within the region, including markets, shops, theaters, entertainment areas, and other services


5- Enjoying privacy

The method of building the residential complex itself, unlike the regular housing, provides extreme privacy for the residents who are in it, and the similar and aesthetic shapes of the buildings give the inhabitant this feeling that will not be available in normal housing.


6- Car parking

One of the things that many suffer from is finding places to put their cars in, but in the residential complex he actually has a dedicated place in which he can put his car without feeling disturbed or disturbing anyone.


7- Availability of transportation

Residents of the city encountered many problems in finding means of transportation to go to the desired places, but with the residential complex, dedicated means of transportation are provided to the residents.


8- Nature and purity

The presence of the vast green spaces that spread throughout the residential complex, making the residents enjoy the beauty of nature and the purity of the atmosphere, unlike the city that lacks these things and is full of pollutants